Bad Habit Athena Palette – Huda Dupe


If you follow beauty bloggers on Instagram or have visited Sephora lately, you’ve no doubt seen the Huda Desert Dusk palette.  It’s gorgeous!!! 😍 The richly toned palette features 18 shades in warm hues.  I recently swatched the Desert Dusk palette in Sephora and instantly wanted it!!! However, past experience has taught me that dropping $50+ on a makeup palette is a bit reckless.  I have an absurd amount of makeup; so I try to be reasonable these days in adding to my massive makeup collection. In adoring this palette online, I came across several bloggers who had purchased a lovely dupe of the Desert Dusk palette from Hush.  The palette is by Bad Habit and is called the Athena palette.  **Please note that this palette is exclusively available through the Hush app.


In contrast to the Desert Dusk palette, which retails for $65 USD (😲), the Athena palette retails for $12 USD!!! 😀  Shipping is also free on the Hush app.  So purchasing the Athena palette was really a no-brainer! 🙂



A close-up of the Athena palette in natural lighting is shown below.

Image4I swatched each row of the palette on bare skin (no primer).  Swatches are shown below in both natural lighting and with flash.

Row 1

Athena Palette – Row 1 (from bottom to top): Fierce, Triumph, Valour, Purity, Truth, and Heroic

Row 2

Athena Palette – 2nd Row (from bottom to top): Gleam, Epic, Medusa, Justice, Lore, and Power

Row 3

Athena Palette – 3rd Row (from bottom to top): Divine, Cunning, Wisdom, Prize, Daring, and Clever

Dupes aside, for a $12 palette, I am super impressed by the quality of these eye shadows!!! 😍😍😍 The pigmentation (especially in the 3rd row) is amazing!  The metallic shades were super pigmented on my finger before I even swatched to my forearm.  The mattes were decently pigmented and very buildable.  I had my eye on the bright purple shade Justice, in particular.  The comparable shade from the Desert Dusk palette is called Amethyst; and was the primary reason I became so smitten with the Desert Dusk palette.  Amethyst and Justice are super similar; however, I noted that Amethyst had subtle golden sparkle undertones to it that Justice does not have – it’s a straight matte.  So if you’re looking for an exact dupe of the Huda palette, there’s slight variation.

Since I did not purchase the Desert Dusk palette, I can’t do side-by-side comparisons.  However, you can find side-by-side pictures done by Jen of Beauddiction here.

Overall, this palette is AMAZING for the price! I’m so glad I went with this instead of spending $65!  If you’re comfortable investing in the Huda palette, by all means, treat yourself! 😁 But if you’re looking for a good alternative, look no further! also has dupes of several other high-end, pricey palettes that have been on my wishlist.  Stay tuned, I suspect I’ll be making another purchase in the near future. 😉  


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