Huda Mauve Obsessions Palette

Purchasing a Huda palette has been on my makeup “to-do” list for quite a while. Now that it’s Sephora sale time, I’m hoping to pick up the Desert Dusk palette. But in the meantime, I found Huda’s new Obsessions Palettes in the Beauty on the Go section at Sephora and decided to swatch a couple. I was super impressed with the pigmentation! 😲😍 And for $27, I couldn’t pass these up. I decided to go with Mauve Obsessions. 😊

Each of the Obsession Palettes freatures 9 shades in a combination of matte and shimmer finishes.

Sephora describes the Mauve Obsessions Palette as “six pigmented mattes and three gorgeous shimmers in dusty rose and plummy hues [that] create a soft, natural finish for a smoky, sultry effect.”

Photos of the palette are shown below, with and without flash.

Swatches of the palette are shown below without (left) and with flash (right).

With the exception of the first shade (bottom plum color), each shade swatched really well. That particular shade required several passes to achieve the opacity shown. In contrast, the remaining shades swatched very smoothly and were very pigmented with high color payoff. 💃🏾

I’m considering buying the other three Huda Obsessions Palettes and combining them into a single, large palette. 😍 What do you guys think?


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