Monochromatic Mauve

As is usually the case, I went to the mall looking for one thing and ended up leaving with something totally different. 😜 In this case, I ventured into Express looking for dress pants, but had no luck in that department. (Don’t get me started on the fit of Express dress pants.  Ugh. 😕)  I did however, notice a really lovely faux leather, pencil skirt in a pretty and unique mauve color. 😍 I was already trying on a mauve, Slim Fit Portfino Shirt and wondered if it might be too much of the same color.  But when I tried the pieces on together, I really liked the monochromatic mix of textures.  So I obviously bought both and wore them together for this look. 😊😙

I completed the outfit with a pair of neutral pumps by Jessica Simpson Collection and my favorite teardrop earrings from Charming Charlie. ☺

Get the Look!

~Skirt (similar style): Here! | ~Shirt: Here! | ~Shoes (similar style): Here! |

~Earrings (similar style): Here!


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