Oldies, but goodies. Why Lorac is my favorite makeup brand (with swatches)!

Image1I’m in the process of packing for a move, and realizing just how much stuff I have… Ugh! :-/ But since I’m going through everything, I thought I’d share a portion of my makeup collection (which is pretty massive).  Here’s a drawer from my organizer that contains most (but not all) of my Lorac collection. Lorac was one of the first prestige brands that I’ve ever tried; and over the years has become my favorite brand for eye and cheek palettes.  ❤ They’re products are incredibly pigmented, smooth, and affordable! 😍  Check out some of my favorites below. 🙂

Little Black Palette

Lorac Little Black Palette

My all-time favorite eyeshadow palette, of any palette EVER, is the Little Black Palette. ❤ If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’m all about warm neutral toned eyeshadow.  In my opinion, these shades are perfect and the baked formula never creases!  Here’s a picture of how it looked brand new.  It included a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.


Image3And here’s how the two that I own look now! 😲 I hit pan on my first palette, so I bought a 2nd.  Unfortunately, this palette has been discontinued. 😦  Honestly, I feel like half my new eyeshadow purchases are an attempt to find dupes/substitutes for my beloved Little Black Palette.  Sigh… If anyone has one that they don’t use, I’ll definitely take it off of your hands! 😘  Swatches below.

Swatches of Lorac Little Black Palette in natural lighting – no primer


TANtalEYES Palette

Lorac TANtalEYES Palette

This palette is similar to the Little Black Palette, in terms of size, and that it features four baked shadows.  However, this palette features tones with golden and copper undertones (compared to the “nude”/beige shades of the Little Black Palette.  These eyeshadows are also richly pigmented and smooth.  I honestly don’t know why I don’t use this one more.  Swatches are below. 🙂

Swatches of Lorac TANtalEYES palette in natural lighting – no primer


Unzipped & Unzipped Gold



After the Little Black Palette, the original Unzipped Palette is the one that I use most often as evidenced by the pics above. (My apologies for the low-light pic).

Lorac Unzipped Palette

I think, sometimes, it’s nice to see that people reviewing makeup actually use it.  That way you know their opinions are genuine.  😉 So with the original Unzipped Palette, I wanted to show it as is.  As you can see, this palette gets a good amount of use.  These shadows are a somewhat different texture than the baked ones, but are equally pigmented. 🙂  Swatches are below.


Swatches of the Lorac Unzipped Palette in natural lighting – no primer


Lorac Unzipped GOLD Palette

In contrast, I don’t use the Unzipped GOLD Palette a ton, I think because of the number of matte shades in it.  Don’t get me wrong, the matte shadows are as smooth and pigmented as the shimmer shades, but I don’t wear mattes a lot.  I do have my favorites in the shimmers though. Unpredictable is a gorgeous peachy gold!  Pictures don’t do it justice! 😍  And Unleashed is a gorgeous foil-y, gold that’s incredibly pigmented. Swatches are below.

Swatches of the Lorac Unzipped GOLD palette in natural lighting – no primer


Starry-Eyed Trio – Star Struck

Lorac Stary-Eyed Trio in Star Struck

Next up is the Starry Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Star Struck.  This is another of my favorites that has been discontinued. 😦  (But you can still find new ones on Hautelook and/or eBay (see link above) from time to time. When I wear violet shades, this is my go-to.


Again, this palette has seen a good amount of wear.  I love Lorac’s baked formula!  These shadows are so pigmented and never crease.  😍 Swatches are below.

Swatches of Lorac’s Starry-Eyed Trio in Star Struck in Natural Lighting – no primer


Unzipped Cheek Palette


So now to the cheek palettes! 😀 The Unzipped Cheek Palette has been a go-to for the past couple years.  It was a limited edition release, but you can still find one on Poshmark or eBay.  This is another of my palettes that clearly has gotten a lot of use.  In particular, Unapologetic is a gorgeous rosey-toned blush with a golden shimmer.  I pair it with Unimaginable and get the best blushy-highlight.  I’ve seriously gotten so many compliments when I wear these two in combination.  🙂 Swatches are below.

Swatches of Lorac’s Unzipped Cheek Palette: From top to bottom – Unimaginable, Unapologetic, Unashamed, and Underrated


Cue the Confetti Cheek Palette

Lorac Cue the Confetti Palette

Last but not least, is the Cue the Confetti Check Palette!  This is another limited edition palette.  I actually picked this one up not too long ago.  So I was able to get pics of it brand new.  You can still find them on eBay or Poshmark.

Lorac Cue the Confetti Palette

Of these four shades, I use Spotlight the most.  I apply it as an under-eye highlighter, but depending on your skin tone, it can be worn as a bronzer (obviously). 😛  Swatches are below. Sorry for my extra hairy hands!!! 😲😜

Lorac Cue the Confetti Palette in natural lighting – clockwise: Spotlight, Tinge, Vivid and Technicolor

Ok! That’s all for now, but know that I have a lot more Lorac stuff and may share it if/when I find some time.  Lol. This has been my longest post thus far; and I hope you enjoyed it and all the swatches! ❤ ❤ ❤

Thanks for reading!


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