Colorblock Stripes


Ann Taylor has quickly become my favorite store for beautiful, yet professional clothing.  😍 It’s important to look put-together at work, even on the days when adulting is a struggle. :-/

This is a perfect example.  This week has been a bit rough – just trying to stay on top of all my responsibilities and still have some time for myself.   When I’m feeling stressed, I try to find little ways to improve my mood.  They usually involve good music and good clothing (and more often than not… good chocolate 🍫 😛 lol).

I couldn’t help but to smile all day when wearing this colorful, #colorblock, pleated midi skirt from Ann Taylor.  I got a ton of compliments; and sometimes a few kinds words are all you need to get through the day. 🙂 ❤


Clearly, this skirt improved my mood (as evidenced by the sassiness above). Lol. 😊

Shopping links below.  P.S. this skirt, is 40% off right now! 😉 💃

Get the look!

~Skirt: Here! | ~Top (similar style): Here!  | ~Belt: Here! | ~Shoes: Here!


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