Kokie Cosmetics – Drugstore Discovery


The other day, while running errands, I came across a new makeup brand at Walmart.  I did a bit of research and discovered that Kokie Professional is a German brand.  It’s not available online on Walmart’s website, but you can preview the products available for purchase in store, here.  Items range in price from $5 (nail polish) to $16 (contour palette) online, but prices may vary by store.  I thought the black and white striped packaging was super cute! So obviously, I had to grab a few items to try. 😉  The only downside about the packaging that I noticed was that the stripes obstruct your view of the shades within the eyeshadow palettes.  I opted not to purchase any of those (for now 😜).

20170503_194638I purchased a light blue nail polish in a shade called “Wondrous” ($4.98), a matte lipstick in a shade called “Paris” ($5.98); a matte liquid lipstick in a shade called “Sublime” ($5.98); and a lip gloss in a shade called “Standout” ($5.98).  🙂

If you’d like to purchase Kokie products online, most of the products mentioned in this post are available on their website (the Lip Veneer does not appear to be available online).

Left to Right: Wondrous nail polish, Paris matte lipstick, Infamous liquid lipstick, and Standout lip gloss

I haven’t used the nail polish yet but wanted to give a close-up shot of the shade I purchased.  It’s a pretty, periwinkle blue; and, at first glance, it seems pretty opaque.  I anticipate only needing 2 coats for this one. 😍

Kokie Professional Nail Polish in Wondrous

Swatches of the lippies are shown below in natural and LED lighting.

Kokie Professional lippies from bottom to top: Lip Veneer in Standout; Matte Lipstick in Paris; and Liquid Lipstick in Infamous

I was super impressed with the lippies! 😲💃 The quality of all 3 formulas was really impressive, especially for such reasonable prices.

Lip swatches are below.  Pardon my bathrobe! LOL!

Kokie Professional Lip Veneer in Standout

The Lip Veneer lip gloss was my favorite of the 3 lip products I purchased.  The formula is thick and very pigmented.  The texture is creamy and smooth.  It reminded me a lot of NYX Butter Gloss, which I love. 😀

Kokie Professional Liquid Lipstick in Infamous

I also really loved the Liquid Lipstick, which is supposed to be a matte formula.  I’d compare it to Colourpop Ultra Satin or Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks.  It had more of a satin finish than a true matte formula.  Infamous is super pigmented and creamy.  Unlike other liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried, I didn’t find it drying at all. 🙂

Kokie Professional Matte Lipstick in Paris

The Matte Lipstick had a buildable formula that felt really unique.  It was somewhat waxy upon application, but upon warming on the lip, it took on a really velvety, smooth texture.   The pigmentation on this one was great too.  Having just purchased a couple of the new Colourpop Blotted Lip lippies, I’d say that the two formulas are similar. (Stay tuned for my next Colourpop review! 😉 )

Again, I am super impressed with these drugstore products.  If you see them in your local store, I’d definitely recommend trying a few.  I’ll be grabbing a few more of these the next time I’m at Walmart! 😀  ❤


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