More Colourpop – More Warm Neutrals


I recently made my 2nd purchase from Colourpop. 😀 😆  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about their new pressed shadows; and have been wanting to give them a try.  An added bonus is that right now when you order 4 or more pressed shadows, you get the empty palette for free. 🙂  It turned out to be a really well made palette.  I was pleasantly surprised.


As previously mentioned, I tend to gravitate towards warm neutral shades.  This order was no different. 😉

Super Shock Shadow in Kathleen Lights; Ultra Satin Lip in November; and pressed shadows from left to right: Come and Get It, Save it for Later, You Know the Drill, and High Strung

I purchased the following items:

 Each is swatched below!

Top: Super Shock Shadow in Kathleen Lights; Pressed Powder Shadows – Left to Right:  Come and Get It, Save it for Later, You Know the Drill, and High Strung; Ultra Satin Lip in November

Once again, I was not disappointed by the quality of these products! Each swatch above is one pass~ Colourpop makeup can’t be beat… the price, the costs, the color range! I’m totally addicted! 😍

The only downer for me was that November ended up being a bit too light for me when I actually swatched it on my lips (see low-res picture below).  So it looks like my girlfriend will be gifted this lippie, and I’ll just have to order another to find the right shade. 😉

Ultra Satin Lipstick in November

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