Valentine’s Day – Pink & Red


Although I didn’t have a Valentine :-/ 😛 😉 , I’ll never pass up an opportunity to wear pink! Lol. So for yesterday’s Valentine’s Day 💗 #OoTD, I paired an embellished, bubblegum-pink, floral, cardigan from NY & Company with a red, pleated, #MidiSkirt from Asos. I finished the look with a pair of blush, bow flats from Payless.

Swap the flats with a pair of pumps, to make this look perfect for date night! ❤

Get the look!

~Cardigan (similar style): Here! | ~Skirt (similar style): Here! | ~Flats (similar style): Here!

P.S. a simple way to achieve a similar style as this floral cardigan with your existing wardrobe, is to simply add a floral brooch.  You can make one with supplies from your local craft store, or purchase one like this! 🙂


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