Colourpop Haul – Warm Neutrals


Haul!!! 💃 😀

I’ve been obsessively Googling Colourpop swatches for weeks now, in anticipation of placing my first order.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand; and have been dying to try some of their products.  I finally settled on 5 Super Shock eyeshadow shades (retail for $5), a blush (retails for $8), and an Ultra Satin lippie (retails for $6).  I clearly gravitate towards warm neutral shades, but tried to pick colors that weren’t too similar. I didn’t see a ton of reviews with swatches on medium brown skin though.  So I just had to go out on a limb and hope the colors would be what I hoped for.  They were. 🙂

I went with On the Rocks, Boy Band, Animal, Weenie, Sequin, Bardot blush, and Lyin’ King Ultra Satin lippie (eyeshadows shown in this order in picture below – counterclockwise from top to bottom).


When I swatched each of these colors, I was really surprised by how soft and rich they were… they’re literally almost creamy to the touch.  They’re incredibly pigmented (even the blush), and when I went to wipe the swatches off with a wet paper towel, they didn’t budge! I had to use a makeup remover towelette and makeup remover to remove them.  That seems really promising! I haven’t actually worn them yet, but it seems they’ll be staying put all day when I do.

I swatched on bare skin, no primer.  The photo below is in natural light.

Colors (above) from left to right are: Weenie, Sequin, Animal, Boy Band, On the Rocks, Bardot Blush, and Lyin’ King Lippie.

Swatches with flash.

Color (above) from left to right are: Weenie, Sequin, Animal, Boy Band, On the Rocks, Bardot blush, and Lyin’ King lippie.

(I think the flash really captures the shimmery nature of Sequin and On the Rocks.)

Weenie is described as a true metallic rose gold.

Sequin is described as a metallic copper penny-like shade with mutli-dimensional glitter. 

Animal is described as an electric bright neon coral with a subtle flash of gold.

Boy Band is described as an ultra-metallic red copper. (There are swatches on various skin tones on the website for this one.)

On the Rocks is described as a vibrant true bronze with gold and violet glitter.  I think this shade may be new go-to. 😍  It’s a gorgeous neutral shade that’s really unique thanks to the subtle glitter.  It’s also on sale for $4 right now! 😀

Bardot is described as a  rusty red copper.  The pigmentation on this blush is pretty crazy.  I’ll have to be careful not to overdue it when I wear it. Lol.

Lyin’ King is described as a deep raspberry. From what I’ve heard, Colourpop Ultra Satin lippies are more of a creamy matte.  Based on my swatch, I’d agree.  It dried to a near matte finish, but still had some moisture to it.  I chose this because I don’t do well with very dry mattes.  I think the Ultra Satin is a good alternative for anyone that feels that way.

Someone hide my debit card so I don’t buy all of the things from Colourpop!!! 😘I’m in love! ❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. I had to wait all week until I was home during daylight hours to photograph my new goodies, and then it ended up being cloudy! Ugh. :-/  So pics aren’t quite as vibrant as I would have liked, but I believe all images are true to color.  Animal might be the only exception.  It’s a slightly brighter coral than shown in my swatches and a bit more powdery/matte than the other Super Shock shades I purchased.

I’ll definitely be ordering more products from Colourpop! ❤



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