H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour

My local H&M doesn’t carry their newer beauty products. Luckily, I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and was finally able to get my hands on the full line.  I ended up purchasing 3 eyeshadows and a nail polish.  The full beauty line is available on H&M’s website: Here!

20161204_12055720161204_120608I purchased eyeshadows in Let it Shine (a shimmery gold highlighter), Life’s A Peach (a soft shimmer peach), and Ginger Snap (a rich bronzy shade).  Each retails for $6.99.  I also purchased nail polish in the shade Bordeaux, which retails for $5.99.

Swatches are shown below, on bare skin – no primer, with and without flash to best capture their color.  (My apologies for my super hairy arms! LOL.)

Overall, I’m pleased with these shadows.  Ginger Snap is by far my favorite; and I’ve been wearing it regularly since I bought it.  It goes on smoothly and does not crease. Let it Shine is nice for a highlighter below the brow, but I haven’t worn it much yet.  Life’s a Peach isn’t quite as rich and pigmented as Ginger Snap, but is a pretty color that applies nicely.  These shadows have a soft smooth texture, with minimal fallout.

I look forward to trying out more items in H&M’s beauty line.



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